MK 2866 (Ostarine) 25mg/ml



30ml bottle containing 25mg/ml. Supplied in a UV resistant glass bottle with a graduated glass measuring pipette.


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Cobra Chems is proud to offer the highest quality MK 2866 liquid solution available on the internet today. Our liquid solution is created right here in the USA with the finest ingredients money can buy.

All of our products come with a no question 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just send us an email and we’ll refund the order.

Our MK 2866 comes ready to use in a beautiful green amber glass bottle that helps protect the solution from UV damage. Inside the bottle is a built in graduated measuring pipette that will allow you to easily measure your solution when conducting research.

Each bottle contains 30ml.

Each ml contains 25mg of 99.1% pure MK 2866.

1ml = 25mg

0.5ml = 12.5mg

and so on

Our solution contains: Glycerin, PEG-300, Ethyl Alcohol

Additional information

Weight 4 oz






Half Life

24 Hours

Molar Mass

389.33 g/mol

3 reviews for MK 2866 (Ostarine) 25mg/ml

  1. Blankensopp (verified owner)

    Very good product. Works very quickly. Definitely helped increase rate of healing in joints. The customer service is outstanding!

  2. troy wade (verified owner)

    Payment options made it easier to purchase. Website had some errors from time to time but delivery info was updated and a tracking number was issued. Ordered on a Thursday and received the following Tuesday. Product was packaged nicely, it also looks and functions properly. I have not administered the MK and GW long enough to do a review on its authenticity, but rest assured I will follow up shortly. So far it has been a great experience. If compounds function properly I will most definitely make COBRA my go to research resource! ;TW

  3. troy wade (verified owner)

    This review is going to be straight to the point. I’ve reviewed before on ease of purchase and shipping. Nothing has changed, always “Simple and Fast”. Now onto the physical product and the results from testing this compound. Again,… Straight to the point! I have followed a strict protocol on how this compound was administered “I know what i’m doing” currently administering Ostarine 30mg per day and Cardarine 10mg per day. Diet has been very, very caloric restrictive purposefully trying to reach Catabolysis . “Mainly for clarity of test results”. Subject has lost .5 lbs. of body fat and gained .5 lbs of lean muscle tissue every week starting at week three. Water retention has been low considering the amount of carbs being consumed. Lethargy, No more than normal on such a steep deficit. Sleep, Great. Increased Strength, Absolutely. Drive and pumps, better. Increased endurance, game changer. Quality of life, improved! Final thoughts, These compounds have been put to the test. These are very impressive at this point. To not only prevent Catabolysis from occurring but add two pounds of lean muscle tissue per month while being at such a caloric restriction is mind blowing. These have proven to be authentic products and the results without certain side effects lead me to this conclusion. ;TW

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