1/7/2020 Cobra Chems Updates and Deals

It’s been a very busy holiday season over here at the Cobra HQ and we are excited to bring some news your way about our current promos, deals, and rewards program.

Please check back frequently as this post will be updated as we finalize rolling out some of the account updates.

Multi bottle bundles are here!

You asked so we made it happen. We know a lot of you were bummed once the holiday fire ended, so we put together some of the most popular combinations at a big discount (23%-37% off).

Even better, you can save an additional $40 by purchasing multiple bundles. Just look for this box when ordering:

$20 Bonus Bottle Deal

For those of you who prefer to mix and match, head over to your favorite single product and check out our $20 bonus bottle deal!

Just look for this drop down box and get one of our top sellers for only $20:

New Product Line – VENOM SERIES

We’ve been working on two INSANELY powerful quad blends for you guys and they are FINALLY HERE!


These two are going to be a very limited run because the margins are razor thin… Think of it as a thank you for helping us become the fastest growing brand in the space.

Get them while they’re in, because once they’re gone there’s no way to know if/when they will be back. Which leads us to our next update…

SARMs are now banned in China and the USA is following suit

The Chinese government is cracking down on laboratories after receiving pressure from the US government. They are attempting to combat the rising problem of synthetic opioids being exported to overseas drug dealers (which we support).

Unfortunately, a lot of the reputable labs are being closed down as well.

Sourcing good chems is hard. Sourcing them at a price that allows us to be competitive is even harder, and it’s only getting worse.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality research products on the planet and are working diligently to maintain our stock. You guys have been the best customers we could ever ask for, and we owe it to you to try to keep our doors open while we can.

Cobra Cash is here!

Finally. Starting now, you will earn 5 Cobra Coins for every dollar you spend in our store. Each coin is worth 1 penny, making this essentially a 5% cash back program with no minimum requirements!

You can use your Cobra Coins towards any future purchase, including promotions and sales. No strings attached, just spend em’.

Past customers can claim credit for previous orders by emailing support@cobrachems.com


  1. I’d like to use my cobra cash from my previous purchases if possible. I will spend more to get more. I love what you guys are doing.
    Thank you

    1. Cobra Support Team

      No problem! You can create an account by following this link. Once you create your account we will add your previous orders to your account and you have access to your points 🙂 Thanks!

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